88.90. Mixorouma to Lambini, Karines and Patsos Walk and Cycle in Crete

90. Mixorouma to Lambini, Karines and Patsos Walk and Cycle in Crete

Map of routes 90 - 92

Thirteen kilometres of road and track climbing steadily for the first nine kilometres. A good route for cyclists, walkers can cut some of the corners.

The old church at Lambini has a large padlock on the door but the house due west has the key. This is the Byzantine church of the Assumption and was the main church for the district of Saint Basil. It was burnt by the Turks in 1827 and the frescoes are still partly obscured by soot. The church has a central round tower and an ornately carved screen.

Leave the main road in Mixorouma and head north up a narrow tarmac road signposted to Karines.

1 km. Take a left fork to enter the village of Lambini.

Continue up the road on the western edge of Lambini. The tarmac road takes three kilometres with long sweeping curves to reach the top of the ridge but an old track climbs much more directly northeast to Karines.

4 km. From the top of the ridge there are superb views north and south and after a further kilometre Karines is visible below.

6 km. The old village forms a tight cluster round the church but new scattered buildings extend the village. As you enter the village you pass a vaulted water cistern and a wash house on the right. The larger church has three vaults and a recently modernised interior. Only fragments of old frescoes remain. A small whitewashed church sits above the road.

Follow the gravel track that heads east from Karines past a modern church and burial ground with extensive views to the north and Psiloritis to the east. The track continues mostly level for two kilometres.

8 km. There is a spring and water trough in the fork of the road where a right turn takes you back south along the east side of a ridge to reach the col north of Spili after three kilometres. From the fork at this water trough continue left and level to reach a cross roads on a col.

9 km. Cross the col to continue straight on dropping gently with the ground now sloping down to the south. One

10 km. kilometre from the col turn right at a large T junction with a jumble of huge boulders ahead. A broad new track under construction climbs gently east through olive groves for two kilometres to the village of Patsos at the end of a tarmac road.

12 km. Patsos sits above the road, under a steep hillside.

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