89.91. Patsos to Spili Walk and Cycle in Crete

91. Patsos to Spili Walk and Cycle in Crete

Six kilometres of track that rise and fall gently for most of the way. Only the final kilometre back in to Spili is steep and should be avoided by cyclists who should keep to the main road down into Spili.

Leave Patsos by the track that heads south-west from the highest part of the village just below the cliffs. The track that leaves south-west from the main road curves round north-west and down into the olive groves.

12 min. Take a left fork uphill, still heading south-west.

24 min. The track passes springs and water tanks with a small church below.

30 min. Springs feed another tank beside the road and a long goat shed sits above the road. The track then passes through numerous small vineyards with scattered trees on the steep slopes above.

50 min. Several tracks meet on a col.

Head due south from the col on a track dropping gently down to pass a large quarry on the right.

1 hr 2 min. When you see the tarmac road ahead you can drop off right into a small valley to cut out a hairpin bend and reach the tarmac. This is a broad new road with almost no traffic.

1 hr 8 min. Turn right and downhill. Follow the tarmac down until the roofs of Spili are visible below. Although the olive groves here look inviting there is no way down through them to Spili.

1 hr 14 min. The olive groves at the side of the road have given way to steep hillside and rock.

1 hr 17 min. The red roofs of Spili are now visible. Cyclists should continue down the tarmac road. Walkers can now scramble down the embankment to an old cobbled path that leads down into the village below.

1 hr 27 min. You enter the narrow alleyways of Spili to a chorus of dogs. If you head towards the main church the twisting alleyways will bring you to the main road beside the lions' head fountains and a cool refreshing waterfall.

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