90.92. Spili to Gerakaki Walk and Cycle in Crete

92. Spili to Gerakaki Walk and Cycle in Crete

Four kilometres of excellent wide new road followed by four kilometres of track. In 1991 this was a very rough track. In 1993 it was being converted into a modern highway with the aid of EC grants. It is unlikely that it will carry much traffic in the near future. It must be one of the best cycle tracks in the area.

The road leaves Spili on the western edge of the village and climbs up with several hairpin bends until it can head east above the cliffs.

2 km. A track heads north up a rocky valley for Patsos. See route 91. The valley to the south is full of olive trees.

3 km. The new road skirts the northern edge of a flat agricultural plain.

4 km. At the eastern edge of this plain a level track leads south for Kissos. See route 96. Beyond this point the new road is under construction, dropping gently downhill to the east and narrowing into the old track.

9 km. At Gerakaki the track becomes a steep narrow alleyway between the house walls as it drops down to the main road.

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