94.96. Kissu Kambos to Spili Walk and Cycle in Crete

96. Kissu Kambos to Spili Walk and Cycle in Crete

Map of Route 96

Five kilometres of track up through a spectacular narrow gorge to the high plateau east of Spili. The rough high ground to the east of the farmland is an excellent site for spring flowers, particularly Iris and Orchids. This is a good walk or cycle ride.

From Kissu Kambos, four kilometres east of Spili take the rough narrow tarmac road that climbs north and upwards through several steep hairpin bends to the village of Kissos.

30 min. Just before Kissos a track climbs gently north-west under high cliffs to enter a spectacular gorge.

The track twists up through this wild gorge.

45 min. At the top the track then climbs over a rim onto flat, rich farmland.

50 min. Turn right at the top and follow the track round the edge of the farmland to rejoin the main Spili - Gerakaki road.

1 hr 20 min. Turn left onto the new tarmac road, almost free of traffic to return to Spili.

2 hr 30 min. See route 91 for the final descent into Spili.

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