Airport departures from Iraklion Walk and Cycle in Crete


Airport departures from Iraklion

Airport departures from Iraklion Walk and Cycle in Crete

Buses leave at ten minute intervals from the middle of Plateia Eleftherias for the airport. You must purchase your ticket from the kiosk before you get on board. Not all buses from here go to the airport and many do not display their destination. Ask each in turn: 'Aerodromio ?'.

It is a good idea to have a supply of bottled water and food before entering the airport. There is a café inside where you must pay before you collect your food. Food and drink here is limited and expensive and the building can be extremely hot.

The departures desks are just inside the terminal building and little attention seems to be paid to the weight or number of bags.

There may be a strong temptation to wait outside on the grass until close to the time when the plane is due to leave but passport control can be chaotic so don't leave it too late. If in any hurry don't bother to queue, push your way to the front like the Greeks or you may miss your flight.

The departures hall has limited seating and when planes are delayed can be packed out but the balcony upstairs is often quieter. Only one departure gate seems ever to be used and announcements are not always easy to understand. The duty free shop carries a limited range of Greek and imported drinks but most seem to be more expensive than those in the Greek supermarkets.

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