6.Bicycles Walk and Cycle in Crete

Bicycles Walk and Cycle in Crete

Mountain bikes are now available for hire in all the tourist centres.

Hire charges were 2000 drm. for a single day or 1000 drm. per day for a week. Not all the cycle hire shops have helmets available; you will need to ask for them but they are usually included in the hire charge.

You can bring your own bicycle with you if you can pack it into a bag and include it within your own baggage allowance. The various package tour companies do not yet have a consistent policy on taking bicycles as extra to the baggage allowance. Try to get any special arrangements confirmed with your booking. It may just be 'bring it to the airport and if we have room we will take it'. You may be lucky but I am not sure what you would then do if they found there was no room when you were in the departure hall.

Traffic on main roads is fast and furious, but there is often a wide verge for slow moving traffic. Roads serving major tourist attractions are often narrow with large numbers of coaches taking up most of the road. Cities and large towns are all very congested and are best explored on foot. The large network of unsurfaced small rural roads and agricultural tracks are often steep and twist and turn, but can be a pleasure to explore.


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