contents Walk and Cycle in Crete



contents Walk and Cycle in Crete


Why go to Crete?

Introduction to Crete

Getting to Crete

Getting to Rethimnon from Iraklion Airport

Getting to Plakias

Airport departures from Iraklion

Hania Airport

Travel in Crete

Travel within Rethimnon region

Hire cars



Food and drink



Medical care




Flowers and wildlife


Roads, tracks and paths

Information for walkers and cyclists

Where to start walking or cycling - Plakias

1. Plakias to Selia

2. Selia to Plakias

3. Plakias to Souda Bay - Sweet Water Bay

4. Finikas Monastery from Selia

5. Finikas Monastery to Souda Bay

6. Plakias to Mirthios via the old mill

7. Mirthios to Plakias

8. Souda Bay to Rodakino

9. Rodakino to Finikas Monastery

10. Plakias to Kakomouri

11. Plakias to the quiet beaches

12. Timeos Stavros from Lefkogia

13. Timeos Stavros to Plakias

14. The aqueducts

15. Plakias to Preveli Monastery

16. Lefkogia to Preveli

17. Preveli to the Lower Monastery via the Valley of Palms

18. The Lower Monastery to Lefkogia

19. Selia to Kanevos

20. Kanevos to Plakias

21. Kanevos to Mirthios over the col

22. Selia to the high ridge west and Krioneritis

23. A loop around Frati

24. Koxare to Koredo Castle and Atsipades

25. Koxare to Agios Ioanis via the valley

26. Koxare to Kanevos via the high mountain ridge

30 Selia to the Imbros Gorge

31. Up the Imbros Gorge

32. Imbros to Asfendos

33. The Asfendos Gorge

40. Kanevos, Kali Sikia, Alones, Vilandredo and Argiroupoli

41. Kali Sikia to Velonado and west

42. Kali Sikia to Moundros

43. Velonado to Moundros

44. Moundros and two more gorges

45. Saitures to Malaki

46. Moundros to Kato Poros

47. Kato Poros to Argiroupoli

48. Saitures to Kaloniktis, Kastelos and Armeni

49. Kato Poros to Zouridi, Roustika, and Saitures

50. A loop from Agios Ioanis

51. Epano Malaki to Angousseliana

52. Ano Valsamonero to Monopari and Malaki

53. Ancient Fortress

60. Armeni to Koumi

61. Koumi to Malaki

62. Agios Vassilios to Fotinos

63. Fotinos to the main road south

64. A loop from Fotinos

65. Armeni to Fotinos

70. Ampesali to Mirthios

71. Exploring Oros

73. Seli to Geni

74. A loop from Mirthios

75. Geni to Karines

77. Mirthios to Patsos via the road

80. Frati to Mixorouma

81. Spili to Mourne

82. A high level loop from Mourne

83. Mourne to Drimiskos and Kerames

84. Mourne to Mixorouma

85. Kerames to the sea

86. Drimiskos to Preveli

87. Xiron Oros

88. Drimiskos to Spili via Ardaktos, Vatos and Aktounda

90. Mixorouma to Lambini, Karines and Patsos

91. Patsos to Spili

92. Spili to Gerakaki

93. Voleones

94. Pandanassa to Meronas

95. Patsos to Messonisia

96. Kissu Kambos to Spili

100 - 103 Circuit of Samitos

100. Kardaki to Amari

101. Amari to Petrohori

102. Petrohori to Drigies

103. Drigies to Vrisses and Kardaki

A walk round Rethimnon

Guided walking tours in Greece- a note for guides

Useful addresses and telephone numbers in Crete

Mountain refuges

Useful addresses and telephone numbers in the United Kingdom

Useful Greek phrases

A historical summary

Hotels in Plakias: telephone numbers

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