Getting to Plakias Walk and Cycle in Crete


Getting to Plakias

Getting to Plakias Walk and Cycle in Crete

Many tour operators offer holidays in Plakias. Most of these fly to Iraklion Airport with coaches arranged to transfer you to Plakias.

It is also very easy to reach with flight only tickets to Iraklion airport. If you get a local bus from the airport to Iraklion, make sure that you buy your tickets from the kiosk before getting on board. The bus station in Iraklion is well signed from the massive bastion of the old city wall and is only 50 metres from there, between a dual carriageway and the harbour with the east bound bus station opposite.

Coaches leave here for Rethimnon at frequent intervals and take one-and-a-half hours for the journey. The coach stops at a bus station in Rethimnon from where other buses leave for Plakias. Out of season the last bus for Plakias leaves at 14.15 hours but the taxi fare is not excessive, particularly for a group of people.

The bus timetable is clearly displayed in English on the wall of the bus station office in Iraklion and Rethimnon where tickets are purchased. Take note of times for your journey back. A photocopied bus timetable is often available free of charge.

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