9.Medical care Walk and Cycle in Crete

Medical care Walk and Cycle in Crete

Citizens of EC countries should carry form E111, available from the DSS, with them which entitles them to free medical treatment from the Greek health service. Making use of this service involves considerable form filling. It is therefore essential to have good medical insurance which covers doctors fees, chemists bills and an emergency return flight home if necessary. Any payments for treatment will have to be made on the spot and a proper receipt that gives details of diagnosis and treatment obtained. Your emergency expenses can then be reclaimed on your return home. Crete is well supplied with chemists' shops and many drugs are available without prescription.

All touring groups should have someone competent in first aid and a basic first aid kit should be carried. If you are on your own make sure that your own knowledge of first aid is up to date.

There are no mountain rescue services although the Samaria Gorge is patrolled. In emergency contact the local police. If you need to get to hospital in a hurry take a taxi. Telephones, and a person who can understand English and make the phone call for you can usually be found in the nearest hotel.

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