14.Roads, tracks and paths Walk and Cycle in Crete

Roads, tracks and paths Walk and Cycle in Crete

Wide modern highways link the main towns along the north of the island. These often have a wide verge for slow moving traffic and bikes.

Main roads without these verges can be very unpleasant for walking or cycling. Away from these areas roads mostly have a good tarmac surface but some are badly potholed and road edges may collapse without warning.

There is very little traffic on most minor roads and they are pleasant to walk on but fast vehicles on loose surfaces can throw up large amounts of fine dust.

All roads can enter sharp steep hairpins without warning. Wide roads can reduce to a narrow single track on blind and precipitous corners. Donkeys, goats and sheep also wander almost at random over all roads. Car drivers and cyclists need to restrict their speed to allow safe stopping at all times.

Tracks shown on the maps in this book are unsurfaced. They have been produced with a bulldozer at some time in the past. Older and little used tracks may be covered with stones or even large boulders but are always easy to follow on foot with gentle gradients. Recent and well used tracks have a smooth gravel surface. New tracks are still being produced each year and may replace paths.

Paths were originally the main communication routes across the island and produce some of the most atmospheric walks. Many were well built and cobbled but without any maintenance are falling into disrepair. They are often steep and since many are little used it takes care to avoid losing them. If walking extensively on paths you need good walking boots to protect the ankles and prevent bruising of the feet.

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